Tekken World Tour 2018 Adds More Events In Southeast Asia, Including FV X SEA Major 2018

Tekken World Tour

The Tekken World Tour is the esports circuit for Tekken 7, equivalent to the Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V. Last year we saw an old legend rose again in the form South Korean player Qudans (pictured) taking the World Tour title, after first emerging out of nowhere to win the SEA Majors 2017, one of the few events in Southeast Asia to be part of the World Tour.

This year marks a change as more events in the calendar are now part of the Tekken World Tour, where top players at participating tournaments can get points to qualify for the Grand Finals, set in Amsterdam this year, but also a prize pool bonus provided by Bandai Namco.

Alongside SEA Majors and Rev Major, more fighting game events in Southeast Asia have joined. Thaiger Uppercut in Thailand, Abuget Cup in Indonesia, and the newly-announced FV X SEA Majors (formerly FV Cup) in Malaysia are now Challenger events similar to Rev Major. SEA Majors, set to be held alongside Gamestart Asia, is still set to be a Master event, which should attract more killers, or maybe even more old legends, to rise back into the scene.

Tekken 7 has been a popular in tournaments. Particularly in Malaysia it has the biggest playerbase, with most tournaments offering double the entry slots for Tekken than any other fighting game, like the Malaysia Cyber Games 2018. So to see Bandai Namco offering the premier fighting game event in Malaysia, which has been part of the Capcom Pro Tour for years, shows how the fighting game community has grown to.

The Tekken World Tour will kick off with Final Round at Georgia, USA on March 16th. FV X SEA Majors 2018 is set to be held on July 14th-15th in Kuala Lumpur.

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