Take Photos Of A Retro-Future New Zealand In Umurangi Generation, Now On Nintendo Switch

Umurangi Generation, a game about taking photos, is out now on Nintendo Switch.

The game by Origame Digital is set in a retro-future world during a crisis in Aotearoa (or its other name, New Zealand). You’ll be mostly taking photos (with a photo-grading system built-in ala Pokemon Snap). But you can also edit them with colour grading and other tools experienced photographers will be more familiar with.

You’ll also be doing courier runs and unlock new camera equipment.

The Nintendo Switch version will include gyro controls, where you move the camera lens by moving your Switch around. Photo editing can also be done via touch controls.

If you’re looking for a funky, vaporwave-esque aesthetic in a game, Umurangi Generation is worth a look. The game is out now on Nintendo Switch, and also available on PC via Steam.

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