Take A Look At The Vietnam Civ Coming In The Next Civilization VI DLC

That was quick. A few days ago Firaxis has announced this month’s New Frontier Pass DLC- the Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC Pack. It adds new leader Kublai Khan (which can lead two existing civs- China or Mongolia), as well as another playable representative of Southeast Asia civilization- Vietnam.

Today, Firaxis shares the usual First Look video detailing the civ’s abilities, as well as its leader.

Vietnam is led by Triệu Thị Trinh, or Lady Triệu. She fought against the occupation of northern Vietnam Kingdom back in the early 200ADs and fought so while wearing a golden armour and dual-wielding swords.

The First Look trailer even quoted her of once saying: “I’d like to ride storms, slay big whales in the open sea, drive out foreign aggressors, reconquer the country, undo the ties of serfdom, and never bend my back to be the concubine of whatever man.”

Yes, queen.

Vietnam’s unique ability, Nine Dragon River Delta, is an interesting quirk. Vitenam can only build land speciality districts only on Rainforest, Marsh or Woods tiles. So they can’t build those on hills, or floodplains as most playstyles usually would.

To compensate the drawback, Rainforest tiles have additional Science yields, Marsh has extra Production and Woods have more Culture. In addition, Vietnam can plant make Woods tiles by unlocking the Medieval Faires civic- much, much earlier than any civ.

Bà Triệu’s unique ability, Drive Out The Aggressors, give bonus Combat Strength for fighting units on Rainforest, Marsh or Woods tiles, and there’s another stack of bonus if the tiles are in Vietnam’s borders. A unit beginning a turn on these tiles also gain additional movement, and the bonus is higher if the tiles are owned by Vietnam.

Vietnam’s unique unit is a Crossbowman replacement, the Voi Chien, gained in the Medieval era. These archers on elephants can move after attacking, stronger when defending, has better sight but more costlier to build than Crossbowmen.

Lastly, Vietnam’s unique district, Thanh, is an Encampment replacement. This offers bonus Culture to any adjacent district (place these near Woods tiles is a great idea). It will also provide Tourism output equal to its Culture when Flight is researched. Also, there’s no population requirement for Thanh, and much cheaper to build than Encampments.

Vietnam with Lady Triệu makes them favour flatlands, but they have defensive bonuses to compensate from the geography disadvantage. Now that turtle icon for this civ makes sense. It also brings a more ecological playstyle similar to the Maori civ. You want to plant Woods and keep Rainforests instead of chopping the land flat for the Production Bonuses.

The Vietnam civ, alongside Kublai Khan and a new game mode, will be part of the Vietnam And Kublai Khan Pack DLC, which can be bought ala carte for RM38, or as part of the New Frontier Pass at RM129.

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