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Take A Look At The City Of Fortune Valley In Need For Speed Payback


Fortune Valley is being dubbed as Need For Speed’s biggest open world yet, and this new trailer is making its case. Based off Las Vegas, the city is has its high-rise casinos and long windy roads in the desert outskirts.

The trailer showcases some more information about the game, like different rival crews that dominate certain events, the need to find tuner shops and dealers to buy parts and new cars, and bait crates that trigger cop chases.

Need For Speed 2015 had an open world, but was not as fun to drive around and it only had a night setting. Payback will have a proper day-night cycle like most open-world racers should and let’s hope the streets (and dirt trails) are better this time.

Need For Speed Payback will be out on November 10 on the PS4, PC and Xbox One.