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Tactical Breach Wizards Is A Turn-Based Strategy Game About Breaching Rooms As Wizard Cops

Wait this actually works


Imagine a turn-based strategy game about breaching a room to take down drug dealers or terrorists as an elite group of a modern-day police force. Now imagine them being wizards and mages.

That’s the whole pitch for Tactical Breach Wizards, the next game by Tom Francis, of Gunpoint and Heat Signature fame. And all these games are part of “The Defenestration Trilogy”. That means you can knock people out of windows, a trademark of this writer slash indie developer.

Here is a ten-minute long gameplay video of how this small turn-based game is played. Tom walks us through the many characters you control. This is still very early in development, mind.

The first of which is not a riot police but a Riot Priest that can take some punishing and bash people out of windows. There’s a Witch Cop that plays by the book, so you’re only rewarded with mana by not doing excessive damage.

The cool change to the turn-based strategy genre Tactical Breach Wizards brings is that all your character turn happens simultaneously and you can rewind and undo as many times as you want to try out all possibilities before committing a turn.

The game will not be a rougelike, but a linear experience with a story focus and no meta-management layer ala XCOM. But you can earn Style points for playing it stylishly to unlock more cosmetics.

Tactical Breach Wizards will be out when it’s done on PC (Steam).