Spelunky 2 Releases on PS4 On September 15

Popular indie roguelike sequel Spelunky 2 finally has a release date, as revealed at the August 2020 State Of Play. But only for PS4 for now.

Spelunky 2 expands on many aspects of the roguelike by having just more.. stuff. Shops have new mechanics like a dice rolls, which introduces new ways to screw the shopkeepers. Rideable turkeys. The procedurally generated dungeons now have branching paths, with multiple exits for some levels. Water. New gear like a clone gun. And more secrets for the community to discover.

Take a look at the release date trailer, where developer Derek Yu expresses his passion on developing the sequel to this indie hit and say thanks to the community.

Spelunky 2 launches on PS4 on September 15. A PC release on Steam will be coming “shortly after” as they are sort out the new online multiplayer mode.

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