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Sony Announced Playstation Hits Collection for PS4

Get ready for red cover games


Sony has announced that they are recreating the Greatest Hits collection but under a newer title called “PlayStation Hits”. Like the previous generation, their are different types of games which are heavily reduced in price, each costing around USD19.90 (80 Ringgit regionally) instead of their usual price.

The games come in red packaging instead of blue, making it easier to identify which games are part of the Hits lineup and by this initial list, it’s pretty diverse with the first wave getting games like Doom, Uncharted 4, Driveclub and even Yakuza 0.

The lineup is coming to the US and Canada this June 28, and expect them hitting our local stores in the coming weeks as well and of course,the lineup will increase in size by the end of this year.

Source:Playstation Blog