Simulacra: Pipe Dreams Announced

Remember Simulacra, the lost-phone game made by Malaysian indie developer Kaigan Games? They have announced a follow-up with Simulacra: Pipe Dreams. If Simulacra is about finding a lost phone game that turns into a horror experience, Simulacra: Pipe Dreams seems like it will ditch the lost phone game for a game-within-a-game kind of narrative, from what we understand from the teaser trailer.

Here’s the description of the trailer on YouTube, the only piece of information we have so far:

“Your best friend tells you about a new game he is really into. He introduces it to you and while it seems harmless at first, something’s not quite right. While the game offers temporary relief of life’s problems it also takes something away…”

An interesting time to announce a game like this, considering the WHO just declared video game addiction is a form of mental illness.

Simulacra: Pipe Dreams is targeting for a Q3 2018 release on PC and mobile (Android, iOS).


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