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The Developers Of Sara Is Missing Are Working On A New Game Called SIMULACRA


Last year we saw a Malaysian indie game became a breakout sensation. Sara Is Missing got a huge buzz for making a horror/thriller game all around the premise of a lost smart phone.

It looks like a few of the developers have now band under a new name, Kaigan Games. And they are now working on a spiritual successor to Sarah Is Missing titled SIMULACRA.

SIMULACRA will still be a horror game based around the interface of a smartphone. It’s time to peek into the device of someone else and explore what the person has kept inside, as well as interact with the contacts of the phone owner and unravel what happened to her.

You can check out the preview article from IGN SEA that had some hands-on time with the game.

While Sarah Is Missing was a available free via, SIMULACRA is set to release as a paid app for mobile devices (iOS, Android) and later to PC via Steam this October.