Season 9 Of The Crew 2 Sets It’s Own Course As Motorfest Looms

The latest season for Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s The Crew 2, Season 9 is looking to make their own route, as in this first episode will introduce a long-awaited feature: The Race Creator. The tool that will give players the opportunity to create and share their own races,directly while free roaming in-game.

This sees players able to craft their race and apply their own rules, categories, and modifiers (car model or brand, traffic, weather, time of day…), all within the tool menu and others can vote on which created races are their favorite.

This season also sees the return of American Legends, where players will cruise the country for an epic treasure hunt behind the wheel of legendary cars such as the Bugatti Chiron Sport 300+ Divine Edition (Hypercar), the Ford Mustang Boss 429 Lime Edition (Street Race), the Chevrolet Camaro RS Ghost Edition (Street Race) or the Nissan GT-R Haru Edition (Street Race), all of them available to grab and import toward the new game later on.

And we’ll also get a new Live Xtrem Event that will lead up to the Road to O’ahu event, which will catch us up to speed with the next loaction in 2 months time.

All this and more will be playable in the upcoming Crew 2 Free Weekend Starting on 6th July and ends on the 10th. So head on out and happy hunting!

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