The Crew Motorfest Allows You To Import Your Vehicles From The Crew 2

One of the most interesting features that the upcoming open-world racer The Crew Motorfest will have is the ability for The Crew 2 players to import their collection of vehicles to the new game, called the Collection Import.

It’s something that was revealed in the previous Ubisoft Forward showcase, but in the recent The Crew Summer Showcase stream, we now know more about how it works.

Firstly, importing cars (and other vehicles) from The Crew 2 to The Crew Motorfest is optional. You can begin your collection of vehicles from scratch if you want to. And you can perform the Collection Import at any time.

At launch, all vehicles, as well as vanities, from The Crew 2 up to the end of Season 8 can be imported to The Crew Motorfest.

Vehicles and vanities from Season 9 will be available to import at a later date.

More details on the specifics of how Collection Import has now been posted in a new, separate blog post. It has confirmed a few more details:

  • The import is a one-time action and non-reversible.
  • Vehicles and vanity must be in both The Crew 2 and The Crew Motorfest to be eligible for import
    • The helicopter, jet sprints and hovercrafts and some car manufacturers won’t be imported
    • Some vehicles may arrive at The Crew Motorfest, or be available for import, at a later date. Cars from Season 9 will be available for import in December, for example
  • Performance parts won’t transfer
  • Collection Import works cross-platform linked to the Ubisoft Connect Account. You can import your collection from several other platforms (except Stadia) to another platform of choice
    • Importing vehicles from Xbox One and PC, combined, to a PS5 is possible.

The Crew Motorfest is set on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The first two games are set in the entirety of the continental United States (albeit at a skewed scale), so this new entry to The Crew is offering a fresh new land to drive, ride and race.

The Crew Motorfest will be holding its Closed Beta from July 21-23 on consoles and PC. Sign-ups are available here.

The Crew Motorfest is set to launch for PS4, PS5, PC (via Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on September 14.

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