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Save Up To 85% Off With Devolver Digital and Humble Bundle’s Fall Sale


Devolver Digital have put the games in their catalogue on sale at prices up to 85% off via the Humble Store.

The sale runs for a very limited time and as of writing, ends in 1 day and 14 hours.

Among the games on sale include Bro-op sidescroller Broforce (RM15.40), Gungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon (RM 30.49) and the greatest example of romance in modern gaming, Hatoful Boyfriend (RM10.23).

Devolver Digital are a publisher well known for publishing smaller titles with a more creative approach to gameplay, such as top-down murder simulator Hotline Miami.

Most recently, they also made a name for themselves with a bizarre E3 press conference and livestream.

Many of the games on sale are also available of OSX users, so people on Mac computers are encouraged to take a look at the sale for cheap and software-compatible games.