Riders Republic Announced- New Steep But With Bikes And 50-Player Multiplayer

The September 2020 Ubisoft Forward has a “one more thing” announcement and it’s something you least expected. It’s a new game called Rider’s Republic.

It’s an extreme sports game combining skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit diving and bike riding. If that sounds familiar, then it does- this is the next game by Ubisoft Annecy, makers of Steep (which was also revealed as a “one more thing”). It even has that silly giraffe suit seen in Steep.

Riders Republic is basically Steep 2 in all but name. But it’s moving away from snowy alps of Europe. Now you have dirt mountains alongside snow-covered mountains, in an open world map based on national parks in the USA. You can also ride bicycles, which is the focus of the game (and possibly why they went with a new name).

Another new feature is the focus on having 50 players on screen. PvP races will see a massive number of players racing together. If you like the sheer numbers of on-screen players like a Trackmania, or a Fall Guys, Rider’s Republic is doing that too.

Riders Republic will also be on next-gen console, and has confirmed to be running at 60fps. That high 50-player count seems to tie with next-gen consoles, but no word what’s the player count for current-gen consoles will be.

Riders Republic will be out on February 21, 2021 for the PS4, PS5, PC (Epic Games Store, Uplay), Xbox One, Xbox Series and Stadia.


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