Ride 4 Will Be Getting A Next Gen Release In January 2021

As Milestone’s Ride 4 is racing towards a October release, they have unveil their plans for a next-gen release for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

They will be utilizing the power of the next gen by making it run at 4K 60fps for more smoother gameplay and faster loading thanks to the new SSDs. And for the PS5, it will be utilizing the new DualSense haptic feedback for the game’s throttle and brakes.

And that’s not all, those who own the copy on PS4 will be able to claim the PS5 version for free until April 2021. Ditto for the Xbox thanks to their smart delivery system.

Ride 4 will release on 8 October for current-gen and PC, while the next-gen edition launches on January 21 2021.

Source: PlayStation


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