Resident Evil Village Approaches With 7 May Release Date, PS5 Demo Out Now

Capcom has finally uncover the release date for the highly anticipated sequel of the current Resident Evil franchise, RE Village, in their latest showcase event. The game will come out on May 7.

The game will not only launch on Next Gen consoles and PC (being the PS5 and Xbox Series Consoles), but also include the Current Gen as well, with a version for PS4 and Xbox One also releasing on the same date. Both of which entitles players a free upgrade to their Next-Gen versions for free.

But that’s not all, there is a PS5 only demo now available which focuses on a different character in the Castle Dimitrescu, a story place in the game, and showcase the new engine’s shine.

And lastly, a free deathmatch mode called RE:Verse will be include in RE8, which pits all the past characters (Leon, Clare, Ada, etc) together in familiar locations of the series.

Resident Evil 8 is looking up to be a great follow up. The game will launch for PlayStation and Xbox along with PC on 7th May.

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