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Red Dead Redemption II Will Have A Day-One Patch And Companion App


Rockstar just confirmed that Red Dead Redemption II, releasing this Friday, will receive a Day-One patch. The size of which was not revealed. If you are getting the game digitally, the update will downloaded automatically. Pre-loading has been available since last Friday to accommodate its huge file size, up to 105GB on PS4.

Pictures of the physical discs have also floated around. Discs, plural. There will be two: one labeled Data Disc for installation and the other labelled Play Disc.

A companion app will also be available for iOS and Android. You can access the map, updated in real-time according to your game with the ability to zoom in and out, add waypoints and markers. It also lets you access the in-game journal check Arthur Morgan’s current stats. In theory, you can play the whole game without any HUD and rely on the app on your mobile for all your HUD information.

Rockstar also has enforced a streaming/video embargo that will be lifted on the earliest midnight launch of the game (12:01 AM, October 26th), which happens to be in Australia and New Zealand. That translates to 7:01PM, October 25th Malaysian time (+8 GMT).

If you missed it, here’s the launch trailer for the game, likely the last piece of pre-release media we see until the game is out.

Rockstar recently has come under fire after a statement from its co-founder Dan Houser admitting the staff went through 100-hour work weeks to complete the game. Later, the statement has been clarified, Rockstar employees are open to talk about the work culture on social media, and, thankfully, some changes in Rockstar Lincoln will now see staff no longer require to do mandatory overtime.

UPDATE 24/10/18: Article updated with new information for the companion app.

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Source: Rockstar Newswire