PSO2 New Genesis Sandstorm Requiem Update Coming December 15, Adding New Region, Raised Level Cap And More

Free-to-play MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is getting its biggest game update yet.

Dubbed the Sandstorm Requiem update, this is the much-needed content update as teased in the early roadmap back at launch.

Sandstorm Requiem will add a new region to explore: the deserts and canyons of Retem. Located east of the tropical Aelio region available currently, Retem will include new exploration and combat zones, new enemies, new gathering material, a new city hub in the form Retem region, plus new characters and a new chapter to the story.

Just like in Aelio, there will be new Cocoons and Towers to find and complete the challenges within them (Trainia and Battledia).

New trials and urgent quests specific for Retem, and new Gigantix enemies (ultra-hard enemies that only spawn during specific weather conditions).

In short, content-wise this update is doubling the amount we have just by the introduction of this new region, though most of them fit the same mould of what we have right now with slight variations.

The update also will raise the level cap from 20 to 35, new class skills, adds new augments, the ability to transfer preset skills (extra perk on weapons that drop rarely) and also new Wind, Light and Dark techniques (magic) elements. There are also new 5-star rarity weapons added to the game.

There are also new face options and more tongue customisation for the character creator, and the return of the lookbook. Just like in old PSO2, you can save your outfit and accessory combo to share it with other players. Motion changes, unique to PSO2 NGS, will be saved in the lookbook too.

Players need to complete Chapter 1 of the story before they can proceed to Retem. Essentially, just complete all the current mainline quests available right now, which should be a quick undertaking.

Here’s a rundown on all the additions of the Sandstorm Requiem update:

  • New Region: Retem
  • New enemies (DOLLS, TAMES)
    • New Gigantix
  • New gathering items
  • New trials
    • Storm Zopne Enemy Supresssion
    • Transorve Destruction
  • Other Changes
    • PSE level less likely to decrease (PSE Bursts should be easier to trigger)
    • Thunderstorms timing adjusted (waiting for Gigantix won’t be too long between spawns)
  • Level cap increased from 20 to 35
  • New class skills for all class
  • Wind, Light and Dark Techniques
  • New 5-Star Rarity Weapons
    • 3 5-Star weapon series as drops in Retem, 1 5-Star weapons series from specific enemies
    • Colour variants included
    • Requires gathering materials from Retem region to enhance
  • New 5-Star Rarity Armours
    • Drops from enemies and containers (likely Red Boxes)
  • New Augments
  • Chapter 2 Story
  • New Characters – including 2 instructors (task givers)
    • New Tasks at Retem City
    • Leah May- weekly tasks good for levelling up (repeatable)
    • Ronaldine – limtied-time tasks for advance players
  • Mission Pass: NGS Season 3 (battle pass)
  • New Cocoons, Towers and Battledia challenges
  • New Urgent Quest (Dustyl Vera Suppression Op)
  • Title System (similar to base PSO2)
  • Room Keyword for sectors (private sessions that require a password)
  • Add Preset Skills (rare perks) to items of the same name
  • Mag’s Active Sonar expanded
    • Can ping for nearby gathering items and boxes
  • New face options
    • Toungue can be adjusted horizontally and vertically
  • Adds Lookbook (similar to base PSO2)
    • Motion changes also saved in Looks

PSO2 New Genesis will be getting major updates like Sandstorm Requiem every six months, according to developer Sega’s current development roadmap projections.

But following the much-criticised lack of content right now, which makes the state of the game worse during the lull periods in-between new game feautres being added, Sega will now be adding more game improvements each month- not just the usual new scratch tickets.

The January-June 2022 roadmap shows a couple more level cap increases and new features like a new urgent quest, more photon arts and techniques to customise your builds with and more challenging quests for advanced players, before the third region drops in June 2022.

PSO2 NGS Sandstorm Requiem update will be live on December 15. PSO2 NGS is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and on Xbox for players outside Japan.

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