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PSA: PS4 Players In Asia Can Now Redeem The Hitman Legacy Pack For Hitman 2, Here’s How


Hitman 2 allows players who own Hitman 2016 to claim the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2 for free. The Legacy Pack gets you access to all the previous levels in Hitman 2016 and associated missions and Escalation mission within Hitman 2.

You can claim the Legacy Pack for free if you have either digital or physical versions of Hitman GOTY Edition or Hitman – The Complete First Season. The latter was given away to active PS Plus subscribers this month.

However, there was an issue where the Legacy Pack was not available for download. But a recent change, as spotted by this Reddit post here, has allowed PS4 Asia (R3) users to finally claim the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2.

How To Claim The Hitman Legacy Pack?

For PS Plus subscribers, what you need to do is go to the Playstation Store Asia again and check the PS Plus games section. There should be a different version of Hitman – The Complete First Season available. If you claimed one before early this month, that is a different version as this new version will be marked “free” indicating you have not claimed it yet.

Download this version of the game. Then boot up Hitman 2016 and go to the store. There should be a section for Legacy Pack. Go there, a menu of the Playstation Store will appear and hit download. This will claim you the free Legacy Pack, and starts the download for the individual Hitman 2016 levels for Hitman 2.

Note that the Hitman – The Complete First Season does not include the Patient Zero Campaign, 3 Escalation missions and 3 costumes (including a clown outfit). That is reserved for owners of Hitman GOTY Edition. If you have the Legacy Pack already, you can upgrade your Legacy Pack to include these content for RM40.

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We have tested this for the PS Plus version of Hitman The Complete First Season. Though in theory, this should work on the versions of Hitman 2016 as outlined by developers IO Interactive here.