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Hitman- The Complete First Season And For Honor Headline PS Plus Free Games Offer For February 2019 In Asia

Two games where you can kill dudes with katanas


It’s only February and the free games offer for PS Plus subscribers are all great so far. This time around, folks in Asia are getting the same headlining games as in the US and Europe, and both are fine games.

Ubisoft continues to offer its backlog of games this month with the brawler/fighting game For Honor. A lot has changed since its first beta and rocky launch, with more free updates and paid DLC being offered. For Honor was offered in previous months of Xbox Live and an edition of the game was free on Uplay and Steam sometime ago. So if you only have a PS4, now’s the time to check out how the Knights VS Vikings VS Samurai VS Wu Lin melee brawler is doing right now.

In addition, we are also getting Hitman – The Complete First Season. This is essentially Hitman (2016) with all of its episodic content rolled into one package. Unlike Hitman Definitive¬†Edition, this version is missing the extra Patient Zero campaign among other GOTY content. Despite that, it’s still the complete base edition of the game. Take Agent 47 around the world and kill people with a katana. Or incapacitate them with expired cans of spaghetti sauce.

Also, if you own Hitman 2, by claiming this game, you also get to play the same content offered in Hitman (2016) in Hitman 2, remastered and tweaked with new features.

This is where the similarities end. The other game offered for us in Asia is Hand Of Fate, an indie hack-and-slash with rougelike and deckbuilding elements.

These games, alongside some Kingdom Hearts III Avatars and an exclusive theme, will be ready for download on February 7th and lasts until March 6th.

Source: Playstation Asia