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PSA: Most Of Gran Turismo Sport’s Functions Require An Internet Connection, Including Game Saves


Head’s up. Now that Gran Turismo Sport is out it is now confirmed that many features of the game require an internet connection, and that includes saving the game. The persistent online connection means almost all the other modes except for Arcade mode are available should you lose a connection.

Always-online connection has always been met with bad reception, especially if the game does not justify its need. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has gone on the record stating 85% of the content for Gran Turismo Sport is offline-based, likely referring to the small portion of the Sport Mode is in comparison to the other modes on offer. However, with only Arcade mode being accessible offline, that may not be the case.

In other news, various online features, including the ability to import your own SVG file for use in the livery editor, is not live just yet. The reason here is to maintain server stability. With the game now totally relying on servers being active all the time to ensure even basic progress is saved, it should be fine that some of these features be rolled out slowly.