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Gran Turismo Sport Will Support Split-Screen Multiplayer And LAN Setups


Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi made an appearance at PSX SEA last Saturday, to promote the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. While most of the presentation- both for the public and the media- revolves around mostly known details, we managed to ask about their plans in supporting offline tournaments. With the Sport Mode being quite a focus, due to the backing from the FIA as well having Sport in the game’s name, we were curious about the plans that developers Polyphony Digital have when it comes to offline tournaments, or any semblance of supporting pro players like other esport scenes, including racing games like Forza Motorsport, have started doing.

While Yamauchi-san did not directly addressed about the any developer-supported tournaments, he did reaffirmed that it is possible to set up a LAN configuration for offline tournaments. In addition, there will also be split-screen multiplayer, a feature rarely seen in games nowadays.

He concluded his answer by stating that Gran Turismo Sport’s online content will make about 15% of the game- the rest of the content will be available offline.

It’s an interesting new tidbit. While we didn’t get the answer we wanted, but it is something reassuring to hear if you worry that Gran Turismo Sport is going to focus too much on the online racing. Sure, the campaign mode won’t be similar to previous GT games, but at least we will get a lot of features from the get go.

Gran Turismo Sport will be releasing on 17 October this year, exclusively for the PS4.