PS5 Supports Game Boost For Select PS4 Games, Can Run Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima At 60fps

Ghost of Tsushima_20200627101638

Sony has started to divulge more details of the PS5, in particular how backwards-compatibility work. The PS5 is backward compatible with over 4000 PS4 games (the only exception is the 10 games on this list). Save files for backwards-compatible PS4 games can be transferred to PS5 too.

In addition, select PS4 games supports Game Boost. This is a feature seen in PS4 Pro that gives additional performance power to PS4 games, making it run a bit better (with better framerate) on the half-step console. With the PS5, which has more raw compute power than a PS4 Pro, Game Boost should see an even more dramatic step.

One of the games to benefit from Game Boost on PS5 is Sucker Punch’s Ghost Of Tsushima. The first-party developer not only confirms that the open-world samurai epic is playable on PS5 via back compat, but also can run up to 60fps with Game Boost.

This should be a good reason to revisit the game later on PS5. It’s one example of the select games that have Game Boost at the moment.

In other news, Ghost Of Tsushima is getting New Game+ and a co-op mode in a free update coming later this week.

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