PS1 Emulation Games Have Appeared On PS Store Asia, Including One That Isn’t Part Of New PS Plus

There are a few new games that are available today on PlayStation Store Asia marked as “PS1 Emulation” games.

These are classic games from the original PlayStation emulated to run on PS4 and PS5 hardware.

Three games have been spotted and released on PS Store Asia at the time of writing: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (RM20), Worms Armageddon (RM39) and Worms World Party (RM20).

As demonstrated by local YouTuber The Kampung Nerd, the PS1 Emulation games have a rewind function, visual presets, aspect ratio options, and a save-state feature where you can quicksave and quickload anytime on a systems level.

Interestingly, Abe’s Odeysee is not part of the upcoming Classic Games Catalog (which includes emulated PS1 and PSP games, and remastered PS2 games) available for PS Plus PS Plus Deluxe/Premium subscribers, at least not yet at the time of writing, whereas the two mentioned Worms games are.

There’s a chance of more PS1 and PSP games getting an official emulation for PS4 and PS5 from the looks of it, outside of the additions to the new PS Plus catalogue.

Making old games accessible, even if emulation doesn’t mean it can replicate the original 100% of the experience, is something we should all support so that our old childhood memories won’t turn into lost media. Gaming is worth preserving, and thankfully Sony has decided that it is worth investing in.

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