Project Athia Will Be A Two-Year PS5 Console Exclusive

Project Athia is a new game being developed by Luminous Productions, made of members from the Final Fantasy XV development team. Their game featured in the first PS5 stream, and not to be confused with Square Enix’s other PS5 game, Final Fantasy XVI.

PlayStation has released a new sizzle trailer highlighting upcoming games coming to the new PS5 console. Most of them are PS5 exclusives, a handful of them are PS5 console exclusives (also releasing on PC, but not other consoles) and one multiplatform release. Each having a tiny disclaimer of expected availability.

Most of the PS5 console exclusive games here has the disclaimer of “not available on other consoles until at least 12 months after release date”. Except Project Athia, which goes to 24 months.

That’s two years of being a PS5 console exclusive.

Little is known about Project Athia (a working title) outside of the initial reveal trailer.

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