Square Enix’s Luminous Engine Flexing Its Procedural Generation Muscle

Project Athia, codename for a game teased during the June PS5 event is reported to be using Square Enix’s Luminous Engine used in FFXV. Luminous Studio, a new studio under Square Enix just released a video showcasing the power of Luminous Engine’s world editor for environmental procedural generation.

Luminous Engine showcase video

From the demo, it does look impressive when it comes to automating the taxing task of environment population. River tracing will automatically carve out the terrain and generate a river complete with banks and flow. Empty terrains can be painted with grass, trees and rocks with natural distribution. The benefit of it is certainly reducing the time cost and manpower of these demanding and tedious world-making tasks.

River tracing tool
Automatically generated river from the trace

The Project Athia teaser gave no major details away other than a female protagonist in a nature-rich world and dealing with the mystical power of nature and the beasts. Also, it’ll be a PS5 and PC release.

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