Pro Evolution Soccer Is Fully Embracing eFootball Name, Going Free-To-Play

Konami has confirmed that their long running Football series, Pro Evolution Soccer (or Winning Eleven) will drop their iconic monikers in-favor for the eFooball title.

The game will also forgo it’s paid game versions for one sole free-to-play version for consoles, PC and even mobile.

The football title is now running on the Unreal 4 Engine and adds their new “Motion Matching” technology to make the footballers you play more smoother than before.

As it’s now free-to-play, the game will launch later this year with only the Exhibition mode available alongside 9 official teams to choose from and cross-generation play.

A later update will add in their version of MyTeam coming along with full crossplay capabilities and of course, a battle pass system.

How will this direction go for Konami and eFootball, only time will tell when they release more info, like the release date, sometime in August.

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