Pragmata Delayed Indefinitely, But It Is Indeed A Video Game

At the Capcom Showcase 2023 stream, we did indeed get a new peek at Pragmata, the new game and IP announced back in 2020 alongside the launch of the PS5.

The game initially was set for a 2022 release, which later delayed to 2023, and with this new trailer, delayed indefinitely.

The gameplay trailer opened with the little girl, Diana, scribbling another note similar to the previous delay announcement. All while the big man is shooting off baddies.

The following conversation between the two even played up the delay announcement.

And after, brief snippets of gameplay followed, as we see the two moving around in a futuristic building and getting attacked by robots.

The Pragmata trailer ends with the now-industry-standard apology note with a logo on it, used mostly to announce delays or apologise for a game’s rough launch.

There’s this worrying suspicion that Pragmata could be this generation’s Deep Down. That was a game Capcom announced alongside the unveiling of the PS4, and has never been released, or officially cancelled.

That little snippet of gameplay, and the clear messaging of the delay, should reassure fans that whatever this new game is supposed to be, it’s still in development.

Capcom has plenty of other games being showcased on the Capcom Showcase. This includes Kunitsu-Gami: Path Of The Goddess, more Ace Attorney remasters and another look at Dragon’s Dogma II.

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