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Pony Island and Space Pilgrim Ep. 1 Is Free on Humble Bundle!


Another good week to add more games into your ever increasing digital games collection as Humble Bundle is giving away Pony Island and Space Pilgrim Episode I for free at their store as part of their microJUMBO sale, DRM-free!

This means that both games is downloadable on HumbleBundle only and not on other platforms such as GoG or Steam. You’ll just have to enter your email and then follow on their link given to download these two games.

Pony Island is “a suspense puzzle game in disguise.” claims the games description. This game sees you trying to escape the arcade world made by a deviously awful programmer whose terrible programming skills could lead you to your freedom, maybe. ( I might have elaborated that sentence to be unspolierish *wink,wink*) It’s a pretty good “game within a game” and it can run on basically run on anything with it’s low requirements.

Another game that’s also on this list is Space Pilgrim Ep.1, an episodic RPG Maker game about the travels of Captain Gail Pilgrim ferrying passengers between planets and space stations across the galaxy. It has that charm of the older RPG Maker titles had (sprites,point and click puzzles) and pretty much can be run on anything as well.  Who knows, maybe the game might be interesting enough for you guys to try out their other episodes too.

So, if you want two pretty good indie titles to waste a few hours with, do check out both of them with a price range of Zero now via this link. (The free games are below the “Pay average of $3.04″ list)