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Platform Fighter Rivals Of Aether Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

PC players can get Definitive Edition for free


Rivals Of Aether is one solid platform fighter developed mostly by one person- Dan Fornace. And now it’s finally coming to Nintendo Switch with Rivals Of Aether Definitive Edition.

For those not familiar, this is a Smash-like, with a cast of 12 characters (plus Ori from Ori And The Blind Forest and Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight as guest characters). The Definitive Edition includes all these characters, all stages, and modes unlocked from the get-go, plus all-new cosmetics. Some of the furries here can wear pants.

Have a look at the teaser trailer here. The first minute is pure hype and a lot of animation money.

For those who owned Rivals Of Aether on PC, should you have all the character DLC purchased, you will be upgraded to the Definitive Edition for free. At least that’s the plan is, according to the Rivals Twitter post here.

The Switch version may not likely get access to the Steam Workshop mods, where players can create their own characters.

Still, Rivals of Aether on Switch is still a great move, considering that the game falls in the same basket, though not entirely similar, to Smash Bros. It also has a great tutorial mode that teaches some mechanics integral to high-level platform fighters, but in an approachable manner.

Rivals Of Aether Definitive Edition will be out in Summer 2020 (June- September) for PC (Steam) and Switch.

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