Phoenix Point, The XCOM-Like Strategy Game By The Creator Of X-COM, Is An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Backers and prior pre-orders get one-year of free DLC

Looks like another game has joined in the ranks as an Epic Games Store Exclusive for one year. Developers Snapshot Games have announced that they will launch their upcoming strategy game Phoenix Point on the new PC storefront first.

“This deal is a real game changer for our studio, because, thanks to Epic’s support, it is certain that we will be able to update and expand Phoenix Point for years to come. said Julian Gollop, creative director of Phoenix Point and creator of the original X-COM.

The developers are offering refunds for those who wanted do so. But, all of the current backers and pre-orders made prior to the announcement will now be getting one year of DLC for free.

As far as things go, this should be a non-issue. The game has yet to have a locked release date, so it is not a last-minute deal ala Metro Exodus and there’s incentives for those to stick to their pre-orders (or in this case, backers) despite the platform change. You can even refund if you are avoiding Epic Games Store on principle for any reason right now.

Phoenix Point is an XCOM-like turn-based strategy game where you fight against aliens that will adapt to your playstyle spearheaded by the original X-COM creator. The game initially was crowdfunded on Fig but can also be pre-ordered directly through the game’s official site. Phoenix Point should arrive sometime this year for PC and Mac exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

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