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Here’s An Extended Gameplay Look At Phoenix Point, The XCOM-Like Strategy Game By The Original X-COM Creator

Video by a developer of the team


The new rebooted XCOM series is so popular that it is now the shorthand for turn-based strategy tactics. And now even the original creator of the X-COM series, Julian Gollop, is making his own take based on the foundations laid by Firaxis’ XCOM series.

That is Phoenix Point. At first glance it looks really similar to how XCOM look and play, but there are various changes to the formula. The enemies will mutate according to how you play along the campaign, there’s a dynamic factions system at play, and more.

A pre-alpha demo was shown at the PC Gamer Weekender event back in January, and now we have a 30-minute breakdown of that demo by YouTube channel UnstableVoltage. The YouTuber is apparently an employee of Snapshot Games, the developer of Phoenix Point.

There are a lot of small differences Phoenix Point does compared to XCOM like the ability to move to any tile within range first rather than one click and commit, overwatch move requires a resource and the cover system works differently.

Phoenix Point is set to release later this year on PC.