Phoenix Point Is Not Out On Xbox Game Pass Yet, Developers Explain Why

Phoenix Point, the XCOM-like strategy tactics game from the creator of X-COM, is out now on PC on the Epic Games Store. Though it was also supposed to come to Xbox Game Pass For PC on launch day.

However, the game is still not in sight for a Game Pass (and Microsoft Store) release. Even the recent news of new Xbox Game Pass games have no mention of Phoenix Point whatsoever.

Developers Snapshot Games has offered an explanation to the situation over on their forums.

“The fact is we dropped the ball, “ the statement reads. “We were exceedingly busy getting the game itself ready, and being inexperienced with Game Pass and the Microsoft Store, we simply had not properly prepared the groundwork to get the game released on time on these platforms.”

The specific reason why is that the developers could not have the same content available for the Microsoft Store/Xbox Game Pass version to the current version on Epic Games Store. Other pre-requisites such as certification and legal documentation review has been cleared, however, which had the developers believed the game could be released at the very least, this week.

At the moment, there is no ETA on when Phoenix Point will be available on Xbox Game Pass For PC, or the Microsoft Store. Don’t hold your breath on this one.

Phoenix Point utilises the foundations laid by the XCOM reboot, and layered in various other features and mechanics more reminiscent to the pre-reboot X-COM titles. This includes the use of Ability Points (i.e. Time Units) instead of the two-action system per-turn, a free-aim mode where you can manually line up a shot, and a different way of handling RNG. The game is out now on PC on the Epic Games Store.

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