After Numerous Delays, Phoenix Point Is Launching On December 3rd On Epic Games Store And Xbox Game Pass For PC

XCOM spiritual successor from the creator of X-COM Phoenix Point is finally coming out. The game has received numerous delays but is now ready for launch this December.

The November Development Update post has revealed when exactly Phoenix Point will be dropping. On the Epic Games Store, it should be live on December 3rd, 7PM GMT (December 4th, 3AM Malaysian time, +8 GMT).

Backers of the game via Fig, CrowdOx or those that bought straight from the official site will get their Epic Games Store keys by next week. These keys are separate from the backer builds.

Phoenix Point will also be out on Xbox Game Pass for PC. It should launch simultaneously as on the Epic Games Store, but this depends on Microsoft.

To celebrate the coming launch, there are a few new trailers, the first is a background of the world. The rest are for the various factions you can side with as you fight the mutant monstrosities that evolve with the way you play

Phoenix Point will be out on December 3rd on PC via Epic Games Store. It is also available for Xbox Game Pass For PC.

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