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Persona Q2’s Western Release Will Not Have English Dubs, Releases In June 2019


Fans of the franchise-crossover RPG Persona Q2: New Shadow Labyrinth will be glad to know the game is getting an English release, though the game will simply have english subtitles rather than voice work.

Atlus US confirmed in a statement to various news outlets the decision to only include a subtitle track rather than a full English dub.

Persona Q2: New Shadow Labyrinth released in Japan November 29th, 2018, and will be getting its western release June 4th, 2019 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.

In addition, the game will have a “Showtime” Premium Edition that comes with a button badges, playing cards, an art book and most importantly, a plush toy of Koromaru.

Persona Q2 is the sequel to the original Persona Q, which featured characters from Persona 3 and 4 in a crossover setting. Q2 also features the main characters of the since-released Persona 5, and the opening cinematic can be seen or jammed to below:

Are you excited for Persona Q2? Do you wish they could get the English dub? Do you believe subs are always superior? Let us know in the comments below.

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