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Paradox Interactive To Buy Battletech Developers Harebrained Schemes For $7.5 Million USD


Paradox Interactive are set to purchase Harebrained Schemes, developers of turn-based mech strategy game Battletech. The deal is set to be in stone in June 7th with price of $7,500,000 USD.

Harebrained Schemes was founded in 2011 and is made up of veterans who have created various IPs in the past, including Shadowrun and MechWarrior/Battletech. Under Harebrained Schemes, the indie developers have released various Shadowrun Returns CRPG thanks to Kickstarter and their first publishing gig, Battletech, under Paradox.

“Harebrained Schemes have proven themselves as a world-class studio with a very talented team within a genre where Paradox wants to be present,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “In addition, we really like the studio, the people who run it, and their games; these are all absolute hard criteria for us in any acquisition.”

“Our experience working with Paradox on Battletech was the best of our careers and proved to us that this was a company we would be proud to be a part of, ” said Mitch Gitelman, Harebrained Schemes’ President.  What’s more, we’ve gotten to experience the incredible audience that Paradox has firsthand.”

Paradox will remain hands-off with the operations within Harebrained following the new deal, only helping the team through its business and distribution, networking and financing abilities.

The Swedish publisher has cornered a niche for strategy games in the past decade with their in-house projects such as Crusader Kings II, Europa Unversalis IV and Hearts Of Iron IV. Recently the publisher has expanded its reach with various acquisitions, such as Triumph Studios that are now making Age Of Wonders: Planetfall.

Source: Paradox Interactive