Open World FPS Rage 2 Out On May 14th 2019

Post-apocalypse open world shooter Rage 2 had a new trailer unveiled at The Game Awards, showcasing its open world. The trailer splashes in some fast-paced combat as expected from an id Software game, some vehicular combat as seen in Avalanche Studio’s previous games like Mad Max, and some towns filled with odd characters.

Have a look below:

The trailer also unveils its release date, May 14th 2019.

Wacky post-apocalypse with a tinge of pink is pretty trendy apparently, as Ubisoft also unveiled its new sequel to its open-world series Far Cry, Far Cry New Dawn. It too will have post-apocalypse with a tinge of pink as a theme.

Anyway, Rage 2 will be out on PS4, PC (possibly only through and Xbox One.


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