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Online Free Roam Coming To Need For Speed Payback Latest Update Plus Other Improvements

Highly-requested feature by fans is coming back


A new update to Need For Speed Payback should be live on February 13th, bringing back the much-requested feature: online free roam. Alldrive, as it is called in-game, allows other players to roam around the map together. While the idea was to have it feel like a breathing world where other races can happen while you just driving about, most players have used this features for car meetups to showcase their rides.

The cost was that the game, starting with Rivals and then Need For Speed 2015, was online-only. Fans hated this so much that the first thing announced about Payback is that the game can be played completely offline, but they also removed online free roam as a result. This is now fixed.

As for other features, there are now catch-up packs where you can buy Speed Cards of a certain level to immediately boost your car performance to another tier, rather than grinding each new car with race after race after race because the available Speed Cards are all scaled to only inch you up a level bit by bit. Progression through the main campaign is required to unlock catch-up packs. Catch-up packs are bought using in-game money, bank.

  • Level 6 Pack – finish Chapter 3 ($71,400)
  • Level 11 Pack – finish Chapter 4 ($131,000)
  • Level 16 Pack – finish Chapter 5 ($180,000)

More cosmetics in the form of underglows and tyre smoke coming in shipments (the game’s loot boxes), improvements to its photo mode with better level of detail and longer distance for camera placement plus UI improvements will also be part of this update.

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Source: Need For Speed