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First Small Details Of Need For Speed 2017 Emerges


The longest running racing game franchise is still continuing. Need For Speed is set to make a return this year, and a new blog post has hinted at what to expect of the third entry under developers Ghost Games.

While more details will be revealed later on during E3 season- more specifically on June 2, the new blog post from the official site confirms that the game will no longer be an always-online experience. It may not sound as much, but the requirement of the feature seen in Need For Speed 2015 was A) inconvenience considering the early server connection problems it faced and B) added little to the experience. It was a major gripe for players. Glad that the devs listened, we can pause the game again.

Aside from that, the post hints that visual customisation, hot pursuits and drifting are all back. The only teaser image featured (shown above) might also hint on the setting- a motel sign like that can only seen in the outskirts of a city, and most likely it won’t be in perpetual night setting anymore.

Hopefully third time’s the charm for Ghost Games. The Need For Speed series has lost its footing over the years, which had been handled by various developers. Hopefully this time they get it right like the now-defunct Black Box Studios did in its heyday.