Okay… Let’s Party! Metal Wolf Chaos XD Out Now

Operation #FreeMetalWolf is a success!

What a world we live in. Cult classic mecha game by FromSoftware Metal Wolf Chaos never made it out of Japan, despite the whole game is about America. But 15 years later, after a resurgence of interest on the game, it is now remastered and coming out worldwide.

To celebrate the launch of Metal Wolf Chaos XD, there’s a new launch trailer, an animated short portraying the very first moments of the game. It seems like they managed to get the same voice actors from the original release reprising each role, but you just can’t replicate the corniness of the original game’s dialogue. A good try though.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a remaster of the original game on the original Xbox with touched up visuals, controls plus 4K and 16:9 support. Though it should have the same fast-past mecha action and the corny story and dialogue that propelled it to cult-hit status.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is out now on PS4 (but not on PS Store Asia), PC (Steam) for RM44 and Xbox One.

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