Nvidia Introduces GeForce GTX 1650 And 1660Ti Graphics Cards For Laptops

Nvidia has finally announced the new Geforce GTX graphics cards coming to laptops, utilising the same Turing architecture seen in the latest RTX cards minus the dedicated ray-tracing hardware.

New gaming laptops will see two models of the new GTX, the GTX 1650 for entry-level and the GTX 1660Ti for mid-range.

Nvidia claims that the cards here are four times more powerful than their four-year-old predecessors the GTX 960M.

Acer has revealed the Acer Nitro 5, which is landing in Malaysia next month, will be using the GTX 1650 in the two variants available here. Meanwhile, ASUS has announced a refresh to the ASUS TUF FX505 and FX705 using the GTX 1660Ti. Local PC and laptop manufacturer Illegear has also announced new models, the Prodigy and Rogue, that will be using the GTX 1660Ti.

In short, a slew of laptop refreshes is coming this year and there’s definitely a big bump in performance compared to previous years’ refreshes.

So if you are looking to upgrade and buy a new laptop- especially if you have a four-year-old model- now’s the best time to consider a purchase.


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