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No Deus Ex Game In The Works, But It Is Still Important To Square Enix


Square Enix’s handling of its Western IPs have been sketchy in the recent years. Hitman 2016 had to pursue an online-only games-as-a-service platform and later had to sell the developers (and thankfully letting them keep the IP), and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had underwhelming sales thanks to bad pre-release buzz from the odd pre-order schemes.

While Square Enix reportedly are putting the Deus Ex franchise in hiatus, it is not abandoning the immersive sim just yet as explained by CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

Speaking to, it’s a matter of short resources.

“We have never said anything about discontinuing that title but for some reason that’s the rumour out on the market,” addressing the reports that Deus Ex is on hiatus.

“What I can say is Eidos Montreal has always developed Deus Ex, and the issue is we do not have limitless resources. We have several big titles that we work with and that’s partly a factor in what our line-up looks like.

“Of course, it would be ideal if we could work on all of them all of the time, but the fact of the matter is some titles have to wait their turn. The reason there isn’t a Deus Ex right now is just a product of our development line-up because there are other titles we are working on.”

Eidos Montreal, the current caretakers of Deus Ex, are reportedly working on a new Tomb Raider game, helping Crystal Dynamics on their first Marvel game and is also developing another Marvel game of their own.

It won’t be soon until we see what Adam Jensen is up to after Mankind Divided, a great game that ended too abruptly, but at least there will be one in the far future.

Source: (via Eurogamer)