Next Fall Guys Patch Will Add Invert Axis Camera Options For PS4 Among Many Other Community-Requested Features

Fall Guys will be getting a new patch expected to arrive “next week”. It’s a hot fix, so it’s less about new content, more about bug fixes and quality-of-life changes.

This includes new controller and camera options for players on PS4. Including invert axis options. Thank god, our prayers have been answered.

Other notable changes include improved UI performance on base PS4, a tweak to the round selection algorithm so that Team games only play only if team sizes can be equal, and “removed move speed nerf for Yellow Team”. It’s a recurring in-joke and banter, rather than a real thing. At least we hope not.

Fall Guys is out now on PS4 and PC (Steam). If you haven’t checked it out, we loved the game show game in our review here. Aside from having no invert camera options, which this update is adressing.


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