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News Summary From Last Night’s Nintendo Direct ft. Pokemon on Switch, and a Lot of Salt.


With the Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct over, the internet is still reeling from the new announcements of the digital event. Fans were holding their breath in anticipation of a new Pokemon title for Nintendo’s new baby Switch console, as well as possible word on remakes of the fourth-generation Pokemon games for 3DS.

If you loved Pokemon’s Wii U fighting game Pokken Tournament, man are you in for a treat- Pokken Tournament DX, a Switch re-release of the game is coming, with new features like 3v3 battles and new fighters like “I swear I’m not a maniraptoran” Decidueye, “The Pokemon Reaper was based off of” Darkrai and “You’re not getting a Sinnoh remake, just the best starter” Empoleon. The updated version will be playable at E3 should you be there and the game itself drops 22nd September this year.

Over on the 3DS, Pokemon fans are yet to be abandoned in favor of detachable controllers and tv connectivity. While the Sinnoh remake was seen far in the distance hanging out with Pokemon Z and a Wii U Pokemon Snap sequel, two new Pokemon games were announced in its stead- Later this year, exactly a year after the original’s release, Nintendo goes Capcom and releases Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. The game promises an “alternate story” and “new Pokemon”, though neither detail was significantly elaborated on. They also showed off the games’ two flagship Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala, sporting some new duds in black armor that reminds me of the Ultra Beast Necrozma. Did the legendaries go full Monster Hunter on it and wear it as a hat? Who knows.

Most importantly from the direct, it was announced that what is highly regarded as the best Pokemon games, Pokemon Gold and Silver, are making their way to 3DS by way of Virtual Console. The first sequel generation will feature wi-fi and Pokemon Bank compatibility, as well as the ability to transfer over Pokemon from the virtual console re-releases of Red, Blue and Yellow. No word yet on a Pokemon Crystal re-release, but I’m sure some internet forum somewhere will connect this to hints of a Sinnoh remake being next.

Are you excited for the new Pokemon games? Are you salty about a lack of Sinnoh? Are you, perhaps, just hooked on Magikarp Jump? Leave a comment below stating exactly how much better some other JRPG is compared to Pokemon and how it’s purely fueled by nostalgia at this point!