Newly Debuted McLaren 720S Will Appear In Project CARS 2

The Geneva Motor Show is happening currently, an event where car manufacturers unveil and showcase their latest new cars. This year we see a few announcements that are trickling into video games as well.

McLaren just unveiled their new supercar, the McLaren 720S. It looks drastically different from its last offering, the 650S with a longer, sleeker back but packs more punch with 710 BHP.

It also has a sweet folding dashboard and amazing set of doors too.

According to this tweet right here by Bandai Namco SEA, the car has already been made in digital form, ready to be included in its latest car sim racer Project CARS 2.

Here’s very small tease of the McLaren 720S will look like running in-game:

As stated in Project CARS’s site, this was a collaboration between McLaren and developers Slightly Mad Studios “in developing the virtual car whilst still developing the real car—a first for both.”

Good to see car manufacturers working closely with developers to include the cars in games. Not everyone could afford the 720S, and having the ability to indulge in its brilliance in the form of video games should be sufficient for most folks.

Grand Turismo Sport and Forza Horizon 3 also have new cars that are revealed at the Geneva Motor Show to be included in the game.

Project CARS 2 is set to release later this year for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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