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New Update For Need For Speed 2015 – Hot Rods, Drag Races, And More


Ghost Games keeps on fixing the horribly launched Need For Speed 2015, and this next update introduces some new cool stuff, as well as features the community has been demanding since launch. The new update will bring in new cars in the form of two hot rods, drag races, expanded garage space, and the manual transmission promised during the PC reveal.

One of the hot rods is a 1932 Ford hot rod, with 4 bodykits to choose from and other customisation options. The other is the Aaron Beck ‘BeckKustoms F132’. Yes, a hot rod with F1 wings on them. New to the game are drag races. While only having five of them for now, it is a lovely addition to spice up the events offered currently, and a good way to try out that manual transmission fans of Need For Speed has been clamouring for.

Speaking of fan demands, thankfully Ghost Games have give in to provide an additional 5 spaces of car storage. The limited storage of 5 cars was a deal-breaker since most people want to try out other cars without selling them off. Wrap editor, arguably the most used feature of the game, is given even more improvements, and more support for other fonts.

You can read the full update notes on the Need For Speed blog here, or you can just wait for the update to arrive in March 3. Yes you read that right. Depending on when you read this, the update’s may have gone live. At this pace, if you think you’re ready to move on and sell your copy of Need For Speed 2015, maybe you should wait a bit. The updates have made the game much more enjoyable.