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New Nvidia Drivers Adds Support For New PC Games Battletech and Frostpunk Plus A Developer Preview For Real-Time Raytracing


The latest Nvidia drivers has been released. v397.31 adds support to two new PC games that recently launched, the bleak and chilly steampunk city-builder Frostpunk and the turn-based strategy mech game Battletech.

Alongside that, Nvidia has also started to put in RTX, their proprietery tech that powers real-time raytracing, first unveiled at GDC early this year.This should make lighting even more lifelike using a technique that was not possible to be done in real-time scenarios until recently.

Developers can now tinker with RTX for future implementation. Nvidia RTX in its full require the upcoming new generation of Volta graphics cards and a newer version of Windows 10. So far, 4A Games’ Metro Exodus has confirmed to be utilising this feature.

You can grab the latest drivers via Nvidia’s official website here or by using the Nvidia GeForce Experience app.

Via PCGamesN