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New Mass Effect Andromeda Update Now Available, Removes Denuvo


It’s only four months since the release of the decent but overall disappointing entry to Mass Effect. But with the latest update to the game, it is removing the anti-tampering software Denuvo.

Denuvo is used to stop PC games from being pirated early in its launch. Once deemed uncrackable and even forced a cracking group to give up, the pirates has caught on in the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between them and Denuvo.

However, games that are have since long released have been known to remove the counter-measure which includes Doom 2016, Inside and most recently Hitman.

As DSO Gaming reported, it is unknown at the time whether the removal is intentional or not.

Update 1.09 consists of mostly multiplayer balance changes and fixes. There are slight updates to the cutscenes in the main story but mostly minor, but welcome tweaks. You can view the full patch notes here.

It is a shame Andromeda could not lived up to the series expectations. Let’s hope the still unannounced Dragon Age game fares better and their latest new IP Anthem brings glory back to the Bioware name.