New Gaming Laptops With Nvidia RTX 30 Series GPU Coming This Year

Those looking to buy a new gaming laptop, now is the time to stop browsing existing stocks. Nvidia has announced that there will be versions of the Nvidia RTX 30 Series GPU coming to new gaming laptops this year.

The GeForce RTX 30 series for laptops not only uses the new Ampere architecture, but also a third-gen Max-Q technology. Max-Q is the tech that makes these GPUs use less energy and can fit in thin and lightweight form factors.

Expect to see new gaming laptops powered by the top-end RTX 3080, the middle-range RTX 3070 and the newly announced RTX 3060, coming later this year.

The new RTX 30 series graphics cards can play esports titles like Rainbow Six: Siege and Valorant up to 240fps – with some laptops sporting similar high refresh rate to accomodate. And yes, it can run games with ray-tracing effects like Cyberpunk 2077.

The new gaming laptops with RTX 30 Series GPUs will roll out starting January 26 this year. Expect to hear more on local availability of these new laptops in Malaysia in the coming months.

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