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New Demo For Devil May Cry 5 Coming To PS4 And Xbox One Next Month


Devil May Cry 5, the sequel fans wanted for the character action series, has a lot of its marketing being done by Microsoft. The announcement of an Xbox One-exclusive demo at The Game Awards 2018 and the training mode showcased at the X018 event are prime examples.

Thankfully, PS4 fans will be getting some love too soon. A new Demo May Cry will be available for both Xbox One and PS4.

This comes from a tweet by the Devil May Cry official account, which also confirms that the previous demo, where you play as Nero, has been delisted.

The demo will arrive on February 7th. Maybe we get to play as Dante, who was playable at Tokyo Game Show last year. Maybe it’s something entirely new. It’s not long until we know for sure.

Devil May Cry 5 will be smokin’ sick stylin’ on store shelves March 8th on PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One.


Via Aksiz