New Borderlands 3 Legendary Gun Is A Cheeky Nod To Destiny

The power of Juju

Borderlands is known for its many references to pop culture, but Borderlands 3 is definitely aware of the other looter-shooters out there. It already has a cheeky reference to Destiny (the challenge “Eyes Up” tracks how many Guardian enemies you have killed), but this new legendary weapon is the most direct yet.

One of the new legendary gear that comes from the free update that added the Maliwan Takedown is Good Juju. This Dahl assault rifle fires only in bursts and will reload the clip after each kill. Its red text goes: “Kinda sorta wants to end all existence.”

This is a clear reference to Destiny and Destiny 2’s exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju. This weapon has a perk that refills the clip, increase damage and adds Super energy for each kill. The flavour text goes: “If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will.”

The Good Juju also sort of aesthetically resembles the Bad Juju. The alien attachment is just to replicate the skeleton- it does not have any elements, the ones we saw dropped so far that is.

The Good Juju can drop randomly, but if you want to try farming for it, your best bet is to go to The Forgotten Ballisca in Promethea and beat The Rampager on Mayhem Mode 4. Definitely easier to unlock than the Bad Juju, which requires a lot of resources with discounts offered by doing special bounties.

Here is a video guide and impressions of the weapon by Youtuber Joltzdude139:


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